Monday, December 24, 2007

The Good Gets Even Better as We Create More Happiness

Hello, Friends! And Happy Christmas. On this Christmas Eve I wanted to direct you to a website of the woman who has created the new cover to the 2nd edition of my work, THE LAST ADVENTURE OF LIFE. This edition will be coming out in spring of '08, through Findhorn Press of Scotland.

The artist for the new cover is Cathy Bennett and her website is: I invite you to have a look at her first two pieces: The first is a lovely piece about creating more happiness in our lives -- such an appropriate message for our times and for the holy days, too! The second piece shares a little bit about the new cover and how Cathy came about being the artist for it. You can actually see the cover on her website, too...

Here's to our Good getting even better in this Christmastide and year's end! And in 2008, may we all be about creating more and more joy and happiness in our lives. It's the only way to go -- not to mention moving Out of the Box! Stay beautiful, as my spiritual director used to say. And don't forget to smile :)

Infinite Blessings of Peace, Light, Hope and deLight, Dancing Heart

Friday, December 7, 2007

Transformation thru Stepping Outside the Box

On June 25th I wrote about an experience I had with Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics. Well, now I have had a whole weekend experience with Matrix Energetics, and I can honestly say that it is profoundly changing my life for the better. I've been healing (releasing) many layers of both physical and emotional "stuff" in my life for several years now. And perhaps I was building up to this. However, there's something very special about Matrix Energetics and its ability to help strengthen you in stepping out of the box to heal, to bring joy and magic back into your life.

As I've mentioned in my work, the whole world is "on hospice" these days because things as we know them are not working well on our planet. As long as we continue to "remain in our boxes," doing things the way we're used to doing them, life on planet Earth is not going to change. I believe that the transformative power lies in being able to courageously step outside of the box and try some new things.

One of the signatures of Richard Bartlett is his wonderful sense of humor, his lightness of being. He works closely with the dolphins and the whales, and this energy is apparent when he works, or rather plays with people. Some would call him a weirdo or a "crazy man," but I choose to see his craziness as exactly what we need in these times.

I encourage you to go to and see for yourself. Or better yet, purchase Richard's book Matrix Energetics or attend an introductory (free) session to get the idea of what he does. It's likely to change your life for good! Thank you, Richard, and all who are involved in teaching this transformative work...