Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Healing Codes

I've recently discovered The Healing Codes. They are tremendous! They are helping me to put the finishing touches on my physical and emotional healing.

I highly recommend that no matter what your life challenges are right now, whether they be mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical, go to and see if this site speaks to you. My belief is that no matter what, we could all benefit from doing The Healing Codes! And they are so simple to do. They involve placing your hands on or near parts of your face and head and releasing old belief systems by doing so. The Healing Codes are likely to bring more health, wealth, and happiness into your life -- most of all, increased joy and well being. Go to The Healing Codes website and see for yourself. Then, let me know how your life changes as you work these Codes. For me, they have been just like Magic!

Summer blessings of peace and abundance. (If you're in Connecticut, you can see me at the Yale Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Harry Potter Day -- this coming Sat.!)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Enjoying Myself!

With all this new healing energy coming in to me these days, and with change in the air, yesterday I decided to put together a "fun" bio of myself -- for the underwriter of my new home! Here's what came out:

It is with sheer pleasure and delight that I introduce to you the Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund, a warm, gracious woman of spirit, magic, and awesome power! She's one of the gentle women of the Earth who's leading our fragile world toward wholeness, peace, and harmony.

Maria was born and raised in Japan and is totally bilingual and bicultural. She can move gracefully between the two cultures, and has tutored as well as taught both languages in both countries. She has also served as an interpreter and translator, sometimes in hospitals and clinic settings; she's also served as tour guide for Japanese folk visiting the United States and Canada.

Maria is multi-faceted: Due to her deep interest in spirituality, she attended seminary and became a Christian minister. She served as a parish minister (with the United Church of Christ) for ten years in parishes in Hawaii as well as the Great Northwest. Although she no longer serves a parish, Maria is sometimes found preaching, leading worship, conducting weddings, funerals, memorial services, baptisms, and the like.

About twelve years ago Maria stumbled upon her true passion, hospice spiritual and bereavement counseling. After serving as a hospice worker for six years, she felt compelled to start compiling a book entitled "The Last Adventure of Life: Sacred Resources for Transition." After four years of dedication to this project, she self-published the work just two years ago. This book is bound to knock anyone's socks off! It is a rich collection of stories, poetry, and spiritual material that will allay most people's fears around death and dying, not to mention grief. Everywhere Dancing Heart takes her book, it seems to sell effortlessly. Many spiritual seekers are letting her know how much they appreciate her putting this collection together. Dancing Heart's book could be featured on The Oprah Winphrey Show any day now :)

Dancing Heart is getting herself ready to meet Oprah by leading and facilitating workshops, classes, and retreats on the spiritual life and end-of-life care. She also consults and guides people who are interested in growing spiritually. She thinks "outside the box"; she has universal appeal and a deep and abiding passion for world peace. Currently, her book is being prepared for a second edition by a unique publishing house in Findhorn, Scotland. Dancing Heart is also preparing for some true Magic when she will share her work at her alma mater at the Yale Barnes and Noble on Harry Potter Day (!) in just over a week. Please remain on the lookout for her on Oprah. You'll recognize her as the one dressed in purple. If you're lucky, you may even see her donning her gorgeous purple hat!

Shared in the spirit of deep Hope, Love, and abiding Light.