Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Accept the Unacceptable"

I continue to move through quite a bit of healing and release work, as of late. And one of the healing, releasing modalities that I've come across through a healer friend who introduced me to it is called the Paradox Process. I found it a very helpful process that moves you through literally clearing emotions, through simple feeling statements, about your life that you're not happy or satisfied about -- sort of like the opposite of saying affimations!

An overarching statement that they use in the Paradox release process is "Accept the Unacceptable." Wow, what a useful three-word phrase this has proved to be for me. "Accept the Unacceptable" has become a term, even a kind of mantra for me, that represents where I want to be going as I release all the old judgment that has enslaved me in my life.

Opening my heart to the "Dancing Heart" who I desire to become means forgiving myself - and all the aspects of me that I tend to struggle with. And all the horrible things I've discovered I've done in some of my pastlives, too! I also want to forgive others and their actions that sometimes disturb me; and what better way to do that than to let people off the hook with "Accept the Unacceptable!" Life on Earth is imperfect, I am imperfect, and everyone else is, too. So, here's to Accepting the Unacceptable - hoping and trusting that we're all doing the best that we can in the moment, and that we can likely do better next time :)

Here's a Youtube on "Forgiving the unforgivable" - another piece that might help you, too, Let Go of old judgmental parts of you.

Love, Light, and Deep Forgiveness and Self-love to all, Dancing heart~~~
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Yoga on Labyrinth on World Labyrinth Day

Just after the recent World Labyrinth Day this past Sunday, I met with my friend Kayla Gayle who is a labyrinth specialist. Through our conversation, I discovered that she had a very unique experience on that day. We decided to have an interview in order to share her experience with you. Hope that you'll enjoy this as much as we did!
DH: So … Dr. Gayle, as a “labyrinth enthusiast” what were you doing this past World
Labyrinth Day?

KG: We were at the Angel Valley Labyrinth which is near Sedona, AZ. The theme of the day was: "Walk as one, at one, for Peace." Angel Valley’s labyrinth is a replica of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France. It is twice the original size. Walking this sacred geometric pattern, entering at 11:11 we were in the labyrinth for over two hours! We were feeling the vibration shifting and realigning to the accession process. The results are instant and other times sublime. There is a knowing of change with thoughts about life’s occurrences. And one of the reasons we stayed in labyrinth for over two hours was we were doing yoga!

DH: I understand you teach yoga now? What kind of yoga have you gotten into?

K: Kundalini Yoga. Yoga is not about twisting yourself into a pretzel or standing on your head, so much as about nurturing your spirit, and freeing your heart. When the kundalini awakens, your entire life will awaken with abundance, energy, creativity, and more. Yoga is about your journey home.

DH: Did you do that type of yoga in the middle of the labyrinth?

K: The journey to the center of the labyrinth is a wonderful metaphor for the journey within. Every step that we take is a journey. Next time, we might even want to take our yoga mats in with us.

DH: So back to the Kundalini Yoga that you teach, what kind of Yoga is that?

K: Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, is the original and most powerful system of Yoga. It is excellent for students of all levels of experience. The best way to learn about Kundalini Yoga is to experience it for yourself.

DH: And where do you teach it?

K: Several places... One of our adventures reads like this: Our intention is to provide an  unassuming oasis in Sun City, AZ. Slip through our doors and feel an ease in the air. The El Rancho haven heals your body, calms your mind, and strengthens your spirit. Leave the daily stress and shoes at the door. Your first class is just $5! Refresh and rejuvenate by participating in the art of Kundalini Yoga.

DH: Do you have any plans for taking yoga and labyrinths on tour?

K: Yes…we have yoga retreats planned for Belize and Costa Rica. Recently, we’ve been to CA, CO, HI and New Zealand, too! It’s enlightening to facilitate silent retreats and I also enjoy leading day retreats.

DH: And what is your vision? What do you hope to accomplish with this process?

K: We have incredible teachers united in the vision to teach, travel, and share this amazing gift … it is truly a gift to be shared with humanity, especially at this time on planet earth.

DH: What do you mean?

K: Benefits are above and beyond: strengthening core, weight loss, lowers blood pressure …endless results.

DH: If people would like to join you in this, how could they participate, either locally or from a distance?

K: Just be in touch with me. I'd love to share more about the work and play around yoga and the labyrinth that I do with you.

DH: Thanks so much, Kayla! I love how you're creatively bringing together two holistic modalities that are currently helping humanity to heal and connect more deeply with ourselves and our dear Mother Earth. Blessings on all your  May all of our wildest dreams come true!

Here's a brief bio and info so people can contact: Kayla Gayle (Dharma Geet Kaur) Ph.D. is a devoted yoga teacher in training, National Board Certified Counselor (NBCC), and university professor. She received her bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount and her doctorate in health psychology. Dr. Gayle is the director of Abundance--Yoga, interweaving Kundalini and labyrinth meditations into her classes. Dharma Geet’s yoga style is spiritual, grounded, and inspirational all at the same time. “Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One day you are just a mom. The next day you are wise and prehistoric”. Author of Mystica and the Magical Labyrinth Shell and the Abundance Yoga Book: 40-day Prosperity Plan she facilitates yoga retreats and workshops internationally. Phone: 888.443.6443.
Email: KaylaGayle@gmail.com. Visit: www.Abundance-Yoga.com.

To our Health, Wealth, and Deep Healing and Awakening, Dancing heart~~~~

p.s. By the way, Amayra Hamilton, the co- owner and director and I will be leading a "Joyful Transitions: Coming Alive Again" Retreat at Angel Valley Sedona over the new moon in June. Stay tune for the details - in my next article.