Thursday, February 20, 2014

I was speaking with my friend Jane Li the other day, telling her about a special time I'd had with some Japanese spiritual seekers here in Sedona. One of the women had had an interesting experience on Valentines Day morning up on Airport Mesa, watching the Sun Rise. While she was sitting up on that beautiful vortex, she heard a voice from inside her - something she's not prone to do - say: "Love the people of the world!" She was moved and surprised by this message, she said, being a kind of artist in Japan, but someone with no notoriety. And she was even sharing that she didn't consider herself a very spiritual person - self-centered, not so much people-centered.

I was deeply moved by this woman's message, and obviously she was moved, too... and pondering it! As I was sharing the simple but profound nature of the message - to Love Everyone in the World - for our times, my friend Jane Li Fox, owner of Alchemy Options thought of a piece that's in one of her books called Feng Shui for Horses. They are the words from her horse Prince that he shares from the other side, and I want to share them with you here:

     We did not come here to be ridden; that is a privilege we afford you. We did not come here to be corralled, whipped, broken, starved or tortured. We did not come here to carry man in wars, where we were left for dead along with our riders. We did not come here to be showpieces of man's egos and then tossed aside like an old pair of shoes when we could no longer perform.
     We have watched for many centuries as all of these roles have been played out on the stage you call life. And we hold no grudges. We have no judgments. We have been willing time after time to be a sacrifice of humankind. We are treasure houses of wisdom, of wealth, of courage, of unconditional love, of passion, of endurance, of unending loyalty.
     We have waited for you to awaken. We have waited for you to notice. We have waited for you to trust. We have waited for you to listen, and the awakening has begun. As you awaken to who you are, you are awakening to who we are. It cannot be otherwise. We have always known, just as you have always known.
     This is why we came; this is our mission. We came to help you remember what you have always known, but had forgotten..."

Powerful words of wisdom from a powerful, wise horse of the animal kingdom! May we continue our awakening process with Joy, Grace, and Ease so that all of us - both human, animal, and all living, sentient beings, can live in more Grace, Peace, and Joy, Very SOON!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Would You Like to Raise Your Frequency & Vibration and Live More in Your Own Power? Check Out DNA Activation

"Reality is vast and beyond the human minds ability to perceive at this time. Locked within the "junk DNA" is your history, is your knowing, and is your potential unlocking. The DNA is triggered by your electrical vibration. Changing your frequency to a higher less dense rate activates the DNA which is dormant...essentially awakening the body mind complex to an expanded reality. This is Awakening...this is Ascension." ~ Mynzah

These past weeks I've been getting involved in the area of DNA Activation. It all started with exploring Youtube and finding activations to experience. These experiences have led me to take a very exciting course with a DNA Activation "pioneer" named Toby Alexander.

Today I want to give you a taste of some of the activations I've located on Youtube so that you can experience these for yourself. Please let me know how you find the experience of participating in these activations.

Here, Toby Alexander explains about DNA Activation, etc. 
This is an activation that Toby rec'd. that you can also receive, by simply watching.
This one is especially for those of you who are "Starseeds". If you're drawn to this work, you're probably a Starseed!
Here is an Enki Keys (Sumerian) activation - this one connects you with the Goddess energy.
This one shows that there is a connection between the Enki codes and the Crop Circles - not surprising, no?
Here's an Abundance "harmonic" activation - one of the first ones I discovered on Youtube!
This is a Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Activation by Anrita Melchizedek – Magnificent mandalas are used!

Here is the Codes of Form Activation, by my friend Jeffrey St. Rose. I'm told that if you watch this with an intention of what you want (to create), it will help you do exactly that.
Hope that you'll ENJOY these and let me know what you're noticing after you experience some of them. I encourage you to leave some time after you watch one - to help you integrate the material in your whole being.
Blessings of Light and Higher Frequencies to ALL!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

'Thwarted Dreams' and the Divine Masculine

I recently received this inspiring piece through a spiritual teacher, Meg Benedicte. It's by Manette Mays, and bears repeating. I believe many of us are working hard to better understand the necessary balance between the divine male and divine female in these times and in the days to come, and Manette's article addresses this in some very helpful ways.

The energies on the planet have changed. We know it, we feel it because we've done the work yet most of us are still feeling like we can barely support ourselves.  I've been observing and experimenting with this facet of life for decades and it seems the only way to heal this -  in spite of all the work we've already done -  is to find a way to forgive the instances in the past where we haven't been supported by the divine masculine.  For whatever reason, whatever the circumstance, sometimes protection, sometimes to maintain (ego) dominance etc. our dreams have not been allowed to come to fruition or worse we were punished for attempting to manifest.

We can't begin to trust ourselves or our ability to prosper until we have completely forgiven our "father".   A recent mishap with my birth father was a glaring example of why it is still so hard for us to manifest what resonates with our soul energy.  For eons patriarchal, masculine ego energy has sabotaged us and kept the feminine intuitive heart energy hostage.

Whenever the masculine element feels unable to dominate, whenever it perceives an inability to "control" the resulting fear is just too much for them to handle and the feminine is wounded. Sorry guys I don't mean to suggest that men are the problem.  The lack of balance in humanity is the problem.  This war rages inside each one of our hearts and minds regardless of our genitals. Knowing that fear inflicts wounds doesn't make it easy to forgive but it is a start.

The complete remedy from this battle is more complex than simply adding Light.  The most healing energy is TRUTH. Whenever we are offended, hurt or sabotaged, the perpetrator will rarely admit that the reason for their action was fear.  "I was afraid" says a lot but it makes the problem very small because once we've identified fear we know it is just the absence of Light! The offending action is our own fear made manifest so that we can heal it. Every challenge is another opportunity to ascend.

We started this process of spiritual excavation to find the truth of our divine identity. The more we learn and remember our truth the stronger we are, the greater our ability to manifest. If we're feeling like we can't manifest, if we're feeling stuck or blocked the answer is to find the LIE.  Find the story that is holding us hostage and forgive it. Getting to the origin of any "problem" requires perspective from a higher dimension.

We can't solve 3D problems at the 3D level.  We can't even solve 5D problems at the 5D level...we need lofty perspective, we need to go higher and higher to continue our ascension and this is what we came to do - human race evolution.  When our dreams are thwarted, when again we find ourselves disappointed it means we get to learn something new about who we are and what we came to do.  Isn't that fun? I know- about as fun as exercise the results are worth it.


Manette Mays

Thank you, Manette, for your gracious Wisdom and Insight here. Please let us know your reflections - and how you may decide to take action - as a result of reading this article!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm Healing the Japanese... or Are the Japanese Healing Me?!?

It's been way too long since I've blogged here... Hope that you had a very Merry Christmas, everyone! And Happy Golden Age, too: As of this past 12/21 (Winter Solstice), we have entered a very special Time on our dear Planet Earth. Welcome to this auspicious time on this Earth!

I wanted to share about how I've been healed by the Japanese people who come to Sedona this past year. It's been quite a year, a bit of a roller coaster ride. But as I look back, I'm seeing how I reached out to the Japanese - through my interpreting, my tours, and my energy work - and although they say that they were healed by me and my presence, I'm realizing that they also healed me by their love and Presence with me! It's interesting how human relationships work, but I'm noticing yet again in my life that healing is not a one-way street. When healing takes place between people, it often takes in both directions. When we are a catalyst for healing, we also receive the benefits, the echoes, if you will, of that healing.

On Christmas Day I received a special email from one of my Japanese customers who'd been going through a lot in her life when we met. She received some of my energy work while in Sedona. She made the comment that the greatest gift for her during 2012 was getting to meet me! Wow, that was a truly special compliment! I need to frame that and post it in my office space. And when I think about it, meeting the Japanese - all of the beautiful, spiritual Japanese I've met this year - has been the greatest gift in my life this past year as well.

This brings me to the fact that I'm offering some Year-end Specials at this time, in terms of my energy work and products. Here's what I'm offering:

1) My Energy work - and Order of the Magi Readings - are 1/2 price! I'm offering a 50 min. session for $50. Also, I use Matrix Energetics more in my sessions now, so more can be done more quickly, too! (more at This energy work is great for your animals/pets, too, and can be done long distance as well as in person.

2) All Soul Bundles & Young Living oils are 30% off (Can send them out as gifts, directly to your people, too). shows you the details.

3) All my books are 1/2 price (!

Let me know of your interest in any of the above by email - or phone (from my Contact Page on any of my websites) - and we'll arrange it right away.

Finally, when you go to my new main site,, you'll see a button on the top right hand side of my Home Page that you can use to call me: I'm available now for counseling and consultations through Please utilize my services there; or if you know of people who might appreciate my knowledge and wisdom, please let them know as well.

Highest Blessings of Light and Love in these Amazing, Changing Times... And Happy 2013 to All, too! Dancing heart~~~~

Friday, October 26, 2012

Stranger In A Strange Land: Dog Walking

Stranger In A Strange Land: Dog Walking: Almost every morning now, I walk my dad's Sheltie , Sara. I've always been a morning person, and these walks help me get outside and enjoy t...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Magnificent, Unique Retreat Coming Up - to help you become better friends with death & grief

I just posted an article about Amayra Hamilton's and my holistic, self-care retreat coming up during the last weekend of Sept. - at magnificent Angel Valley Sedona. Please see more at the top article at my site:

Hope that you might be able to join us.. or help us spread the word?!?

Love & Bright Light Blessings, Dancing heart~~~