Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miracles in Japan

Today's a big day for me: I'm headed to Seattle to get as many belongings down here to Sedona as possible! It's cold now and I need my warm clothes and other sundries that I've been missing. I'm looking forward to a new adventure -- renting a truck, etc.!

Meanwhile, I've been in touch with my old classmates from our high school days at Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. We're getting ready for our first reunion since hi school (!); and there's been some interesting dialogue. Among other things, two stories about gracious "happeneings" in Hokkaido came up which I felt I wanted to share. Japan is truly, an amazing country. I pray for the people of Japan every day. May God/dess richly bless them in these challenging times for them!

Here are the stories, by Ken Masaki, I believe:

I too have two Japanese hospitality stories that have to do with Hokkaido. Tim Clark and I decided to bicycle around Hokkaido (~1200 mile) after our graduation. We took a ferry from Kyoto prefecture (Japan sea side) to Hokkaido but due to a snafu ended up 1 day behind schedule (after the trip I was leaving for the US). When the ferry got to Otaru we needed to cover 200 miles in 24 hrs (over mountainous terrain). Tim and I bicycled all day/night but were short of our destination (also very tired). A Japanese truck driver stopped, picked us up (sat in the flatbed) and drove us far enough so we made are scheduled youth hostel place. The driver never gave us a chance to thank him ... just drove off.

About half way thru our trip we were in a town (forgot where that was) near the Daisetsuzan mtn. Night was coming and it was cold. We were in the mountains with no place to spend the night. We decided to spend the night at the local train station. The train stationmaster told us we could not stay so instead took Tim and I to his home. By then it was dark. The family fed us and gave us the largest tatami room to sleep in. The rest of the family slept in together in a small room. The next morning, Tim and I knew they would never accept money from us so we left after thanking them profusely. But we asked around and got their address from a local shop. We mailed them
some money.

Thanks for these beautiful stories, Ken. And Rich Blessings to Everyone in these times of Great Intense Love flooding the Earth!~ May we learn that We Are One, and live in Peace Very Soon, Dancing heart~~~~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Synchronicities with Master Sha's 'Love Peace & Harmony' Song

A couple of weeks ago, on my way into Phoenix, I'd been in my car for awhile singing one of Dr. Sha's soul songs "Love Peace and Harmony." I was in a very good space, so I continued singing the song even as I parked and entered the Women's Room at the Starbucks just off the freeway near Camp Verde.

I noticed that the other stall in the room was occupied, but I kept singing the song full tilt to the end. When I got out of my stall, the other woman was waiting at the door of the Women's Room to let me know that she'd enjoyed the song. She wanted me to sing it for her again so I did. Then we naturally began talking about Master Sha and how he's helping people with his healing work and soul songs, etc.

Well, it turned out that the woman, Anne from Fountain Hills, AZ, is with a man who studies the Tao; and I just happened to have copies of Master Sha's Tao I and Tao II books in my car! -- ready to "release" to the perfect person. Needless to say, we went out to my car together and I gave her a copy of each of the books. I love synchronicities like this ;) And I was in an even more wonderful mood as I headed once again toward Pheonix in my car.

You may go to this link to listen to "Love Peace & Harmony." Master Sha says that if you sing it enough times, it'll clear your karma. I find that it always opens my heart and makes me feel better when I start singing it.

Blessings of Love, Peace & Harmony to all, Dancing heart~~~~

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Messages from Ascended Master St Germain: Thank you, Andre, for your response; I really appr...

Messages from Ascended Master St Germain: Thank you, Andre, for your response; I really appr...: Thank you, Andre, for your response; I really appreciate it. I also have to be honest, and say that I'm getting a little weary of all the "...

Monday, August 29, 2011

How Does It Get Any Better than This?... Living in the Most Beautiful City in America!

There is much to share with you today, as my life began to take a categorical shift in a magnificent way on 8/8/11. Wow, I'm still pinching myself!

I'd been struggling in Phoenix for month to make things work for me financially. I'd finally found out during the last four to six weeks that I would be able to collect unemployment -- what a relief! On 8/4 I heard (for the second time) the name Sachi as someone I needed to call at the Chamber of Commerce in Sedona. When I called her on 8/5, she was not in her office. I got inspired to visit Sedona on that Sunday, 8/7. As always, I had a very special day just "being" among the Red Rock; and I dropped by the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center to see if by chance Sachiko was there; instead, I got her card. I made certain that I made contact with her the following Monday morning, back in Phoenix.

Sachi immediately shared with me that there were at least two Japanese tour companies in Sedona and that they might be hiring at this time. I called both companies and had some interesting conversations. One company seemed ready almost to hire me on the spot. I had an interview with him in Phoenix a few days later and got the word that I could come on board immediately! Meanwhile, I discovered that the other man who ran Chi-q (meaning "the Earth" in Japanese) was also interested in hiring me.

I was set to head to Portland that Friday for a friend's daughter's wedding and I was ready to move out of Phoenix ASAP, so I needed to act fast. I packed up my belongings and headed for Sedona that Thursday, the day before my departure for Portland. A friend was kind enough to open her garage so that I could leave most of my belongings there. My friend Bev was willing to take in my cat Midnight and watch her while I went to the Great Northwest. Things just lined up for me so that I could move to Sedona! I kept pinching myself and wondering -- as the Access Consciousness key questions goes: "How does it get any better than this?!?"

The upshot is that I had a wonderful and COOL trip (and "break" from the intensity of moving!) to the Northwest. I visited Seattle briefly, too, to deal with some of my stuff and make some meaningful connections with friends. Upon returning to Phoenix, I picked up Midnight and most of the rest of my stuff and headed to Sedona the following day. I had decided to work with Mr. "Chi" Niwa of Chi-Q Tours, the second man I'd talked with -- who didn't seem to have quite as much work for me, but who I felt more sympatico with.

And so I've been in Sedona this time just ten days, since Aug. 18th. It's been such a whirlwind that I'm just now catching up with it all. I've also been able to find myself & Midnight a lovely condo to rent: It's in the Village of Oak Creek, practically next to Castle Rock ;) I have a view of it from the upstairs bedroom! And Bell Rock -- one of the vortex rocks -- is only about one mile up the road toward town... Right next to Bell Rock is the well known and majestic Courthouse Rock. So I feel protected and energized by the Red Rock in a profound way these days.

As you might imagine, I am feeling more blessed than I've felt in a very long time! I keep gazing at the beautiful Red Rock, thanking them for their beauty and wondering if it's really true that I get to settle down for now in this Most Beautiful City in the U.S.?!? I can only wonder if all the spiritual work I've done with Master Sha, Access Consciousness, and other healers and healing modalities have helped to bring me to this magnificent moment in time and place in my life.

How does it get any better than this? And what else is possible?!?

Love, Peace, and Harmony to ALL! Dancing heart~~~~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Remembering and Honoring the People of Norway

Last Saturday evening I was on my way home from a day of healing and decided to stop at an attractive space in nature. It was cooling off here in the desert; and I had something to reflect on in the beauty of nature. I happened to spot a beautiful grove of palm trees in front of a synagogue on Glendale Ave.; it was the front garden of the Beth El Congregation of Phoenix. Later, I walked to the back of the synagogue and found a powerful monument there -- a hand of God reminding us not to forget those who died in the Holocaust. I felt moved, got my dilemma solved, and went home feeling like I'd been touched by the hand of God.

The next morning, Sunday, before heading to Quaker Meeting, the people of Norway came to mind in a powerful, moving way. I do not have a TV and have chosen not to watch or read much of anything around the tragedy that happened in Oslo on Friday. However, the people of Norway -- and in particular the families of all those young people who were killed -- have been powerfully on my mind from time to time. And I've been reflecting how those young people on some level must have agreed (on the Hi Self level) to have their lives sacrificed for the sake of the Whole, at this time when the world is in Great Transition/Transformation to raise our consciousness.

And the song I've chosen to sing for the people and families of Norway is the following new Soul Song that Master Zhi Gang Sha has introduced to us -- tweaked slightly for the people of Norway:

Divine Treasures,
Tao Treasures,
Heal me,
Rejuvenate me.

Heal my loved ones;
Rejuvenate my loved ones.
Heal humanity;
Rejuvenate humanity.

Heal Mother Earth;
Rejuvenate Mother Earth.

Bring Love Peace & Harmony!

To all the people of Norway, our thoughts and prayers are with you! May we all be able to hold Love Peace & Harmony in our hearts, no matter what's happening on this fragile planet during these days, Dancing heart~~~~

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Access Consciousness and running The Bars could categorically shift your life

I've just written my 2nd article on Access Consciousness and invite you to read the two articles at my site:

If any of you are interested in having your Bars run, please know that I'd be delighted to do this for you -- in person or virtually! Contact me via email or phone (see my website contact info at:

Blessings of Peace and Abundance, Dancing Heart~~~~~

Monday, June 27, 2011

You're Invited to Check Out My New E-book!

I wanted to let you know that the book I published last year about this time is now out as an e-book, at Kindle and Nook. I'd be delighted if you'd purchase a copy of The Most Important Day of Your Life? It would be even better if you could write a review on it!

Below is a bit of a description about this book:

In Buddhist thought, the day you die is considered the most important day of your life. The moment of your death is the culmination of your entire life; and you want to be at the highest vibration possible in that moment so that you can move on to the highest vibration possible on the other side.

Crazy Horse, a holy man of the Lakota people, became well known for the phrase “Today is a good day to die.” His words epitomized the Native American philosophy that understands that our lives are cyclical. Life on Mother Earth is a circle just as the stars; the moon and the sun are circles. We are born, we live, and we die. Crazy Horse and the holy men and women of the many tribes of what is now North and South America were truly great prophets who helped point the way to the truth.

The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready? will help you go deeper spiritually and develop a relationship with "the end of life" in your own way. You will read about some of the ways Maria Dancing Heart was expanded spiritually through her journey with hospice. You will learn some best kept secrets of hospice. You will learn how expansive your life is and how lovingly, creatively, graciously, and even magically you might live it. And who knows? You just might decide – as the Celtic way suggests – to die before you die, so that when you finally let go of your earthly life, you’ll know that there's no such thing as death (the end)! There is no end to life, only transformation.

Here is an outline of the book with chapter titles:

Chapter 1. Life and Death Go Hand in Hand – Bringing Death Back to Life

Chapter 2. Hospice Work – Like Having a Gradual Near Death Experience

Chapter 3. The Simple Power of Being a Loving Witness

Chapter 4. Maintaining Attentive Ears with an Open Heart

Chapter 5. There Is So Much More than Meets the Eye

Chapter 6. Developing Flexibility

Chapter 7. Growing Our Intuition

Chapter 8. Holding a Grateful Heart and a Non-judgmental Attitude

Chapter 9. Being Open to the Mystery and Unpredictability of Life

Chapter 10. We Are All Profoundly Inter-connected: Tuning into the Synchronicity of Life

Chapter 11: Healing Tools for Self-care and Relaxation

Conclusion: A Vision of Peace

Suggestions for Death Care Reform in America

20 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Hospice Counselor © May, 2010

Some of the benefits you’ll experience by reading The Most Important Day in Your Life: Are You Ready?

1. Bring more joy into your life.
2. Allow you to live more fully in the present (moment).
3. Assist you to go deeper spiritually.
4. Help you become a better partner and friend.
5. Move you to delve into the mystery and magic of life.
6. Help you to become a better caregiver.
7. Challenge you to know "who you really are!"
8. Allow you to move through life transitions with more grace and ease.
9. Help you to help your parents and elders face the aging process.
10. Show you some of the best kept secret treasures of hospice.
11. Allow you to discover what comes after life.
12. Show you how to prepare to "start the conversation" with someone you love.

For more, see my Change with Courage website.

Namaste, Dancing heart~~~~

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arizona: A Pretty Amazing Place to Be for Me!

So much has happened since I moved to Arizona, I don't know where to begin! (This is probably why I've waited so long to blog since moving here....) I left Seattle one rainy night -- on Friday March 4th, to be exact -- and arrived in Phoenix the night of March 11th. It was a very special trip: I first stopped with my dear friend Cathy Tinker in Portland, then in Ashland with an old friend Diane Nichols. My third night I made it to a place called Santa Nella, near Bakersfield. I drove a few hours more each day and built my driving stamina as I went. I had some lovely synchronicities along wth way which made the journey quite magical.

Some of the highlights were: Meeting Cathy's dear friend Sally in Portland, finding Starfeather on the phone in Ashland and being able to contact and reunite with Diane Nichols and her family, discover a man named Brent Phillips who teaches a form of Theta Healing online through a public radio station while driving through L.A.

I've had many adventures since arriving in Phoenix: Kathy Erickson, who I met through Don Burrows, very generously put me up for 10+ days while I got my bearings and found a simple place to rent until I get grounded here. The Big Japan Quake happened only four days after I arrived, catching me completely off guard. I spent some time and energy reeling from it, and found it particularly meaningful to share "words of Healing and Comfort" at a gathering at the beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix only three days after arriving back in Phoenix, this time by air with my cat.

What has particularly amazed me about Phoenix is the variety of people who live here, and how I've had the privilege of meeting so many already. I've met some very special healers through the Master Zhi Gang Sha and the metaphysical community, also some ET related people through a birthday party I got to attend unexpectedly. (I'm discovering that this is a very active area in terms of ETs and "the ships".) I've met very generous healers who've offered to do healing sessions for me. As I'm intent on healing myself from the inside out, I'm also learning to graciously receive and accept most of these offers.

I've also been working on developing a new energy healing business as part of my New Life here. Please have a look at my new site where I describe the three healing modalities I'm currently using: Heart Wall Healings, Matrix Energetics, and Dr. Sha's Divine Healing Hands.

Some of you have asked me how I'm doing with the hot weather here. For the most part, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, especially the fact that I can count on the sun being out just about every single day (It only rains about one day a month here ;)! We've had much more summer here already than we ever have in Seattle -- the temperature has already reached about 100 degrees several days during May; and I'm getting prepared to have a "sweat lodge" of a summer. My system will "dry out" for sure!

This past week, I've had the treat of my daughter visiting me from Glasgow, Scotland! What a pleasant surprise this has been. Heather got a paid internship for later this summer, so she was able to take the time and money to come and visit my new home here. We will be going to Sedona in a couple of days -- one of our my places. I'll keep you posted about our adventures there. Meanwhile, much Love & Light to you all in these continuing interesting times!

Your fellow traveler, Dancing heart~~~~
p.s. The above photo of me was taken just a couple of days ago by my daughter, at the Japanese Friendship Garden here in Phoenix.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Grace & Grit of the Japanese: May We Learn from their Shining Example

I have been in some kind of deep shock since March 11th. In the midst of my own transition -- moving from "the rainforest" of Seattle to the desert of Arizona -- my homeland Japan was rocked by an earthquake of tremendous strength; and then there was the tsunami that reeked havoc on the people, their land, and the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This catastrophe has made me reflect a lot about the Japanese people and their history. It's made me wonder why the Japanese of all people are having to experience yet another nuclear disaster. I have grieved for them and even been angry at God/dess on their behalf.

The best conclusion I've come up as I grapple with the situation is that this is happening to a unique and special people (Remember the book The Japanese and the Jews by Isaiah Ben-dasan?) at this time so that they can be an example to the world. As many have pointed out, the Japanese experience after this catastrophe has been remarkable: There has been calm, poise, kindness, grace, order, sacrifice, even tenderness and restraint in the midst of tremendous suffering and potential chaos. I believe that the aftermath of this earth change in Japan is expressing something new and different so that the world can learn from the long-suffering Japanese.

Even growing up in Japan as a missionary kid I remember learning a great deal from the Japanese people and their public school system, too. They were always a polite and gentle people, forgiving and very giving -- selfless, even. They would go out of their way to give directions, sometimes even taking you physically to the place you were seeking. They may not have been passionately "religious" people (who attend church every Sunday, for example), but they were taught doutoku, or "ethics" in their classrooms, and they seemed to always have a conscience -- a good sense of what the "right thing" to do was at any given time.

At this time, my hope and prayer is that the world will continue to give thanks for, honor, and stand with the Japanese for what they are enduring, yet again, in this sometimes very unfair world. The forces of this planet have somehow come together to cause this trauma; and Japan and her people are rising to the occasion. May the world learn from the Japanese how this wave of suffering can be ridden, and may we all we blessed by it. We can continue to pray for -- and send positive energy to -- this small, vulnerable nation that is contributing to the rise of consciousness on the planet in a gentle, gracious, and very quiet yet powerful way.

May Peace prevail in Japan. May peace prevail on Earth! May peace be in our homes and communities. May our missions be accomplished. We thank thee, guardian spirits and guardian divinities. Byakko (White Light)!

In Deep Gratitude and sending Hope and Light to the Japanese and all who are helping with the transformation of this magnificent planet, Dancing heart~~~~

p.s. May we continue to keep the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and all those working with the leaking radiation in our hearts and minds, too -- We can pray for the water!

The above photos were taken by Bob Rink at the Remembrance for Japan ceremony at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phonix, AZ on March 26, 2011.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How I Saved My Home with the Obama Plan: A Lesson in Learning to Receive Help from the Establishment

Happy New Year everyone! I'm feeling a very different and wonderful energy this year; and I'm sensing that many of my dreams can finally come true.

I've been meaning to share this story for a long time, and now is the time. Last summer, something amazing happened: After months of wondering and waiting, the Obama Plan (Making Homes Affordable Plan) finally came through for me, and I was able to keep my condo!

In the late fall of 2009 I realized that I would have trouble keeping up with my house payments. My daughter was off to college in Canada and no longer living at home, and it was time to do something different with the place we had called home for three years.

First, I decided to put my condo up on the market. However, within a short time, I realized that my property was not going to sell easily. In fact, after a few months on the market, I realized that it was probably not going to sell at all -- not unless I wanted to have a short sale, not my cup of tea, especially because I had put 20% down on the place just three+ years ago.

One day, about that time, my neighbor Gayle sat me down and had a serious chat with me. She said that it was not a good idea for me to try to sell my home just now because a few years down the road, it could sell for much more money. She strongly urged me to look into the Obama Plan because some of her girlfriends had been able to get their mortgages reduced by as much as half.

I had started looking into refinancing my home through the Obama Plan awhile back, but had gotten the impression that my mortgage would go up, not down. As a result of my conversation with Gayle, the next morning I once again got to work contacting my bank. This time it went like clock-work: I "passed" the five questions that they ask you preliminarily, and within a couple of months my bank had me on a temporary mortgage amount that was about half of my regular mortgage rate. In fact, they even allowed me a "free" month -- February, my birthday month! I was elated; it was looking like I could keep my home after all.

Then, after a few months, the game-playing began. Although I had sent my bank all the paperwork they were requesting, or at least I thought so, I would get Fed-Ex envelopes in the mail stating that my paperwork was "incomplete." And there was never any specific indications as to what paperwork was missing. So I did some guesswork. I also called my bank to try to get direction on how to proceed. I got very discouraged, as sometimes I would spend long periods on the phone, only to be told there was no way anyone could help me. I found out that I had a "negotiator" working on my case, but oddly enough, I was not given access to this negotiator. What kind of Negotiator is that? There was also one day in which I spent an entire hour -- my entire lunch break -- on the phone. I talked to four different people at my bank, including one in India(!), but alas, no one could help me. Talk about feeling manipulated... I remember wondering about all those employees at my bank who were spending their hours "deflecting" people to other staff in the bank!

Finally, I got a notice in the mail in August saying that I had been denied the Making Homes Affordable Program -- due to incomplete paperwork. I was furious and not sure what to do. A few days later, my bank sent me a statement with all the fees and monies I owed them because I'd only been paying the lesser amount for my mortgage that they had approved during the past six months. Wow, talk about adding insult to injury.

I just didn't take any action for awhile, letting myself cool off and ignoring the entire debacle. Then, around Labor Day, a miracle began to take place. My daughter had been having issues with her visa application at the UK Border Agency in LA. She'd been accepted to school in Scotland and we were busy preparing to travel there. Due to not being able to contact the Border UK Visa Agency, we had to forgo our planned trip to Glasgow, a terrible disappointment for both of us. However, I happened to be in touch with one of my fairy godmothers in Alaska who suggested that I contact my state senators and representatives. What a brilliant idea; I hadn't thought of that. I put in a call and/or email to all three -- Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, and Jay Inslee at the time.

Patty Murray's office called us back 8AM on Tuesday. They said that they could help and that we should fill out the confidentiality form via their website. By that mid-afternoon, my daughter heard from the LA UK Border Agency; not only did she have a visa but she was told that it would be overnighted to her! Then, an hour or so later, I heard from Maria Cantwell's office. I thought to myself, If they can help with dealing with the border, perhaps they could help me with my housing issue with my bank? So I asked Maria's office person and she told me that they did have someone who specialized in housing issues and how I could get my name in with her. I started the application process with Cantwell's office.

Meanwhile, I happened to know a bank manager at a local branch. I walked in one day to give her an update on what was going on. She was having such a challenging day at her bank that she began to weep. She shared with me how frustrating it was for her often being caught in the middle between her bank and her customers. Later in our conversation she suggested that I go to the top: She gave me the number of the bank's headquarters in N. Carolina.

I called N. Carolina, and the next thing I knew, I had one kind banker who was willing to look into matters on my behalf. Needless to say, this was music to my ears -- certainly a new tune from what I'd been hearing. Then, within a few weeks, everything seemed to be resolving.

One day, I went back to my condo one more time to work on clearing my belongings out, and there was a FedEx envelope from my bank. I wasn't sure whether this was going to be good news or bad news. But when I opened the envelope, there was an agreement awaiting my signature that I'd been hoping for: A continuation of where we had left off with the Making Homes Affordable Program!

The moral of the story? Never give up! And it just might be worth your while to get the established political system to help you deal with the corporate system if you need some assistance along the way.

Blessed Peace and Abundance, Dancing heart~~~~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

End of Life and Grief Coach - Lynnwood, Washington - Maria Dancing Heart

End of Life and Grief Coach - Lynnwood, Washington - Maria Dancing Heart

Writer's Support Group for Reticent Bloggers

I wanted to let you know that I've joined this lovely Meet-Up group in Bellevue, WA. It's a group with depth and humor and wonderful networking opportunities. If you're a blogger -- you don't need to be reticent or struggling, by the way -- and live in the Puget Sound Area, you might like to join us this coming Tues. afternoon at 1PM: Writer's Support Group for Reticent Bloggers

Blessings in these Amazingly Transformational times! Dancingheart~~~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Miracle Has Happened: I have a new life awaiting me in Arizona

Something very special is going on in my life this year: I've been receiving all kinds of healing from many different directions (See my last blog from Thanksgiving that will explain). This healing work I've been doing seems to be making a big difference in my life.

Just this past week, my life has taken a huge turn: I was offered a job as spiritual and bereavement coordinator at a unique and holistic hospice south of Tucson called Soulistic Hospice. This happened in a most surprising way: Some years ago, after my first book The Last Adventure of Life had come out, I was invited to present my book at an author event in a bank in Tucson, AZ. At that time, I met a nurse from New Zealand named Aladi who told me about the small and unique hospice where she worked where they used essential oils as part of the protocal. Aladi left an impression on me at the time; and we kept in touch by email.

Recently, when it came time for me to realize that I needed a job in the Arizona area to actually move down there, I began putting feelers out. I thought to add Aladi to the list of hospice related people that I got in touch with, even though I remembered that she'd said their hospice was small. Shortly after I emailed her, Aladi responded and asked me to send my resume to her. Well, it turned out that just two days before I got in touch with her, Soulistic Hospice had gotten a job description ready to seek a second spiritual counselor because they have been growing so much! One thing has led to another, and after several interviews by Skype, I now have the job that will based out of Tubac, AZ.

Another amazing aspect of all this is that Soulistic Hospice comes out of an organization called Soulistic Medical Institute that has its root in a philosophy and global community that's based on The Urancha Book. They also have an extensive organic farm and garden called Avalon Gardens, Farm, & Ranch that's connected to their intentional global community of 100 strong. And this community is now it's third decade, they tell me. I'm still processing all of this; as you can imagine, it's been rather mesmerizing, partly because it's all happened so quickly and with such grace and ease, too.

If any of you happen to be in the midst of a shift or transformation of some kind, if you are hoping and dreaming about something different for your life, I'm here to remind you: Do not give up! These past two weeks have been a powerful reminder to me that my life can change at a moment's notice; you just never know how and when Spirit will open your life up in a totally new way with amazing new possibilities. We just need to keep holding the vision and trusting that "the way will -- somehow, unbeknownst to us -- open."

Keep the faith, hope, and courage, dear friends. Life is truly a grand adventure that just keeps happening. And All Things are possible through our faith in God/Goddess, Spirit, Jesus, ... All That Is!!!

Love and Deep Encouragement Blessings to you all through these transformationalo times, Dancing Heart~~~