Sunday, April 27, 2014

Amazing Experience Sharing My Energy Work - with a "Family" of Women from Texas this Past Week

I just had a most gratifying day this Thursday, offering my energy work/play to four lovely women who have known each other for years and were visiting Sedona - from Texas and Georgia! It all started because the daughter of one of the four women began planning their trip to Sedona. She was interested in receiving some energy work, and had heard of "Running the Bars." She was intrigued enough that she contacted me asking me if she might be able to have her bars run.
This young adventuresome woman ended up planning for herself, her mother, and her three other "aunties" to each have a session with me - at the lovely home they were renting south of the Village, in the Wild Horse Mesa area. The only unfortunate thing was that Shannon's mother-in-law died unexpectedly on the day after Shannon and her people arrived in Sedona. So... I was not able to meet Shannon or have a session and Run the Bars for her, either. Too bad! (However, I was able to refer her to my "other" work at!)
The women had picked the Master Bedroom in the home to do the sessions in. When I first got to the house where the group was staying, I took the time to explain how the session would work - to share the Heart Wall Healing, Running the Bars, and Matrix Energetics work (play!) - with everyone present. Then, they decided what order they would go in; and we began. Each one had some specific issues - including grief, forgiveness, physical healing, burn-out - that they were desiring to work on, and we took the time to focus a bit and speak about their intentions for the sessions before beginning each one. I also always begin with a prayer and some Soul Singing before the session. I also got out the Shambala healing Metatron Mat and a couple of Vajras that I purchased when I first arrived in Sedona that I use on the end of the bed while conducting a session. I also let each woman know re the essential oils - they can choose one or two that they like, and I connected the oils they desired on a plate connected through a wire to the Metatron Mat so they could have an "energized" oil to take home with them.
Each one seemed to deeply appreciate our individual sessions together and were willing to write a short piece re their experience for me yesterday. (We even had a synchronistic "reunion" at the Son Silver West shop earlier in the day!) I share these below:
After my first session with Maria, I definitely felt a "shift" in energy for much improvement. I highly recommend energy work with Maria and will definitely see her again upon my return to Sedona. She was a great addition to our "girl's week" in Sedona.                                                                                                                                        -- Susan F., from Georgia
While visiting in Sedona recently I had an energy session with Dancing Heart and she is a beautifully gifted healer. Having some experience with the healing arts, I can honestly say that Maria is an exceptional healer and she blessed me immensely through her love and respect for life and health - and her knowledge and intuition.                -- Donna Sue S., from Dallas
What a treasure to meet Maria. To have the opportunity to grow and release with a spirit as Beautiful as Maria is a true Blessing. As we go on this earth these days it is so important to Release what no longer serves us and see to the higher Being. Maria has a true talent to help you get to that place. Thank you.            -- Gene
My name is Lindi, and I had an amazing Blessing. Not knowing maria or what she and I could work with to help my pain and sadness, she knew all my heartfelt needs. With love and kindness, we worked to release and move forward. I am happy, feel light and cannot wait for tomorrow with new hope! This lady really helped me. So very Thankful.     -- Lindi Johnson
Thank You, you amazing (horse) women, originally from Texas! I feel so blessed to have met you, helped you Transform while in Sedona, and to feel your kindness and gratitude, too. May we meet again soon! And I pray that God's deep blessings will support and uphold especially Shannon and husband and their family at this time! And as for this experience in my life, How does it get any better than this?!? What else is possible??