Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arizona: A Pretty Amazing Place to Be for Me!

So much has happened since I moved to Arizona, I don't know where to begin! (This is probably why I've waited so long to blog since moving here....) I left Seattle one rainy night -- on Friday March 4th, to be exact -- and arrived in Phoenix the night of March 11th. It was a very special trip: I first stopped with my dear friend Cathy Tinker in Portland, then in Ashland with an old friend Diane Nichols. My third night I made it to a place called Santa Nella, near Bakersfield. I drove a few hours more each day and built my driving stamina as I went. I had some lovely synchronicities along wth way which made the journey quite magical.

Some of the highlights were: Meeting Cathy's dear friend Sally in Portland, finding Starfeather on the phone in Ashland and being able to contact and reunite with Diane Nichols and her family, discover a man named Brent Phillips who teaches a form of Theta Healing online through a public radio station while driving through L.A.

I've had many adventures since arriving in Phoenix: Kathy Erickson, who I met through Don Burrows, very generously put me up for 10+ days while I got my bearings and found a simple place to rent until I get grounded here. The Big Japan Quake happened only four days after I arrived, catching me completely off guard. I spent some time and energy reeling from it, and found it particularly meaningful to share "words of Healing and Comfort" at a gathering at the beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix only three days after arriving back in Phoenix, this time by air with my cat.

What has particularly amazed me about Phoenix is the variety of people who live here, and how I've had the privilege of meeting so many already. I've met some very special healers through the Master Zhi Gang Sha and the metaphysical community, also some ET related people through a birthday party I got to attend unexpectedly. (I'm discovering that this is a very active area in terms of ETs and "the ships".) I've met very generous healers who've offered to do healing sessions for me. As I'm intent on healing myself from the inside out, I'm also learning to graciously receive and accept most of these offers.

I've also been working on developing a new energy healing business as part of my New Life here. Please have a look at my new site where I describe the three healing modalities I'm currently using: Heart Wall Healings, Matrix Energetics, and Dr. Sha's Divine Healing Hands.

Some of you have asked me how I'm doing with the hot weather here. For the most part, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, especially the fact that I can count on the sun being out just about every single day (It only rains about one day a month here ;)! We've had much more summer here already than we ever have in Seattle -- the temperature has already reached about 100 degrees several days during May; and I'm getting prepared to have a "sweat lodge" of a summer. My system will "dry out" for sure!

This past week, I've had the treat of my daughter visiting me from Glasgow, Scotland! What a pleasant surprise this has been. Heather got a paid internship for later this summer, so she was able to take the time and money to come and visit my new home here. We will be going to Sedona in a couple of days -- one of our my places. I'll keep you posted about our adventures there. Meanwhile, much Love & Light to you all in these continuing interesting times!

Your fellow traveler, Dancing heart~~~~
p.s. The above photo of me was taken just a couple of days ago by my daughter, at the Japanese Friendship Garden here in Phoenix.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Compassion, Money and Your Business

Compassion, Money and Your Business