Monday, June 25, 2007

Light, Joy, and Laughter

As I reflect on the awakening and healing journey I'm on these days, I notice that three things stand out as particular blessings. The first of these is LIGHT. Light, for some time now, has been my symbol for God/dess, All That Is. The other morning I was up on my "perch," just below an eagle's perch, looking out at the Clinton Beach toward Everett and Camano Island. The early morning sun was out full force, and I received a magnificent light show on the ripples of the water. I was mesmerized by the beauty and delight of the bouncing light -- not unlike a fireworks display, except in broad daylight! It fed my soul as I remembered that I, too, am Light, at the core of my being.

The second blessing for me these days is JOY. I am reminded that at any moment, I can go within and tune in to the joy, love, and peace that resides in the All of Life. While going through some of my books to weed some of them out, The Joy Book popped out of a bookcase. This is a very bright yellow book with blue letters on it. I had read and used much of it some years ago; it's been a delight to find and use at this particular time in my life as well. Just having it out and seeing it on my table is a joy!

The third and final blessing for me these days is humor, and along with it LAUGHTER. When I can remember the humor, the ironies, and the "lightness of being" in my life, this helps me stay in the joyful, "lighter" aspect of life. While at an introductory session with Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics recently, something rather special occurred. An older gentleman got up to work (play!) with Richard. Richard did his special "magic" on the man -- the way only Richard can -- and pretty soon the man was on the floor, chuckling and laughing his head off. I found myself quickly "catching the fever" and laughing, too. The man kept laughing and giggling, on and off, while Richard kept talking rather humorously, which is his nature to do. I kept feeling the urge to laugh, and found great joy and blessing in those minutes! I had not laughed so hard in a long time; just thinking about it now allows me to tune in to the joy and levity again.

In that moment I was reminded of a section in the Mary Poppins movie when Uncle Albert, the old, balding man with glasses, is up near the ceiling, doubled up in laughter. Pretty soon Dick Van Dyke, then Michael and Jane, and even Mary Poppins herself, join Albert up under the ceiling. They even enjoy a tea party together up in the rafters! What an absolute delight. I've been able to locate the movie now, so I can tune in to this "laughter medicine" whenever I need it.

What is it that encourages you to stay tuned to the joy, peace, and love around you? Even in the midst of challenges, and changing, uncertain circumstances, we can choose to maintain the "higher frequencies" of life, like light, joie de vivre, and laughter. They help to heal and release us from those things that might otherwise get us bogged down. May we learn to find and stay in the higher frequencies... By the way, Richard says that "Frequency 16" is the frequency of the whales and the dolphins, some of my favorite creatures :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Gift of Change

It’s most interesting that I have rather suddenly been thrust in the middle of a major change this month; it does seem to be a month full of “shifts”! Due to my daughter’s educational needs, we find ourselves needing to move back to the Mainland. So, we are house hunting, getting ready to place our home on the market, and preparing to relocate. Day by day, I’m realizing what a huge undertaking this all is. It takes a little extra effort some days to keep my equilibrium.

However, change has much to offer in the way of opportunities. Without change, we could stagnate, we might lose the excitement and “tension” of life; life could get mighty boring without the changes and interruptions that come up. This move that my daughter and I are embarking on is offering us another opportunity to let go of the old and embrace a new adventure. Literally, we are going through our belongings and discarding what we no longer need. It’s a wonderful opportunity to clear out the clutter and simplify, focus our lives. It is also an opportunity to do new things we didn’t earlier realize that we could do, and face our fears and doubts around old beliefs and thought patterns.

There’s a parallel here with what happens at the end of our lives. When we prepare to die, we are preparing for a new adventure on a very large scale. And we don’t have to go house hunting, either; the “spiritual home” where we’re headed is already prepared and waiting for us J The Tibetan Buddhists remind us that all goodbyes and experiences of “letting go” are a preparation for the Great Letting Go, our “graduation,” if you will, from the Earth plane. So if we can consciously be aware of this through our smaller goodbyes, how strengthening this can be: All of our grief work becomes part of our spiritual growth.

Thank you, Infinite Life, for the gift and opportunities for growth that change brings.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Living Outside the Box

I would bet that most, if not every one of you reading this are living "outside the box," at least in some aspect of your life. Like attracts like; and as I grow older and hopefully wiser, I'm discovering how happier I'm becoming with living and expressing my own truth. This often includes living outside "the box" of my culture and religion.

This theme has been on my mind during the past week as I encounter some courageous individuals who are living their truth, "outside the box," people like Richard Bartlett (of Matrix Energetics), Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was recently released from prison after eight years(!), and Vanessa Redgrave. I happened to see her interview on "60 Minutes" last Sunday. Whether I agree with all of what these dear people believe and what they stand for or not, I am aware that they stand as beacons of hope and light for me in these days of great transformation.

As I come in touch with people who live outside the box, it reminds me of my own courage and conviction to live my life out of my own truth and integrity. Perhaps this is one of the most important things I can do with my life? Although it is sometimes uncomfortable (at least in the cultural or tribal sense) to live "true to your own person and wisdom," how else, truly, can we live? Today I want to salute all my heroes and sheroes who are living lives of courage, wisdom, and grace! Life is too short to live any other way. Thank you for all your inspiration, Dear Friends!