Thursday, February 20, 2014

I was speaking with my friend Jane Li the other day, telling her about a special time I'd had with some Japanese spiritual seekers here in Sedona. One of the women had had an interesting experience on Valentines Day morning up on Airport Mesa, watching the Sun Rise. While she was sitting up on that beautiful vortex, she heard a voice from inside her - something she's not prone to do - say: "Love the people of the world!" She was moved and surprised by this message, she said, being a kind of artist in Japan, but someone with no notoriety. And she was even sharing that she didn't consider herself a very spiritual person - self-centered, not so much people-centered.

I was deeply moved by this woman's message, and obviously she was moved, too... and pondering it! As I was sharing the simple but profound nature of the message - to Love Everyone in the World - for our times, my friend Jane Li Fox, owner of Alchemy Options thought of a piece that's in one of her books called Feng Shui for Horses. They are the words from her horse Prince that he shares from the other side, and I want to share them with you here:

     We did not come here to be ridden; that is a privilege we afford you. We did not come here to be corralled, whipped, broken, starved or tortured. We did not come here to carry man in wars, where we were left for dead along with our riders. We did not come here to be showpieces of man's egos and then tossed aside like an old pair of shoes when we could no longer perform.
     We have watched for many centuries as all of these roles have been played out on the stage you call life. And we hold no grudges. We have no judgments. We have been willing time after time to be a sacrifice of humankind. We are treasure houses of wisdom, of wealth, of courage, of unconditional love, of passion, of endurance, of unending loyalty.
     We have waited for you to awaken. We have waited for you to notice. We have waited for you to trust. We have waited for you to listen, and the awakening has begun. As you awaken to who you are, you are awakening to who we are. It cannot be otherwise. We have always known, just as you have always known.
     This is why we came; this is our mission. We came to help you remember what you have always known, but had forgotten..."

Powerful words of wisdom from a powerful, wise horse of the animal kingdom! May we continue our awakening process with Joy, Grace, and Ease so that all of us - both human, animal, and all living, sentient beings, can live in more Grace, Peace, and Joy, Very SOON!