Saturday, December 14, 2013

Would You Like to Raise Your Frequency & Vibration and Live More in Your Own Power? Check Out DNA Activation

"Reality is vast and beyond the human minds ability to perceive at this time. Locked within the "junk DNA" is your history, is your knowing, and is your potential unlocking. The DNA is triggered by your electrical vibration. Changing your frequency to a higher less dense rate activates the DNA which is dormant...essentially awakening the body mind complex to an expanded reality. This is Awakening...this is Ascension." ~ Mynzah

These past weeks I've been getting involved in the area of DNA Activation. It all started with exploring Youtube and finding activations to experience. These experiences have led me to take a very exciting course with a DNA Activation "pioneer" named Toby Alexander.

Today I want to give you a taste of some of the activations I've located on Youtube so that you can experience these for yourself. Please let me know how you find the experience of participating in these activations.

Here, Toby Alexander explains about DNA Activation, etc. 
This is an activation that Toby rec'd. that you can also receive, by simply watching.
This one is especially for those of you who are "Starseeds". If you're drawn to this work, you're probably a Starseed!
Here is an Enki Keys (Sumerian) activation - this one connects you with the Goddess energy.
This one shows that there is a connection between the Enki codes and the Crop Circles - not surprising, no?
Here's an Abundance "harmonic" activation - one of the first ones I discovered on Youtube!
This is a Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Activation by Anrita Melchizedek – Magnificent mandalas are used!

Here is the Codes of Form Activation, by my friend Jeffrey St. Rose. I'm told that if you watch this with an intention of what you want (to create), it will help you do exactly that.
Hope that you'll ENJOY these and let me know what you're noticing after you experience some of them. I encourage you to leave some time after you watch one - to help you integrate the material in your whole being.
Blessings of Light and Higher Frequencies to ALL!