Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonderful Books to Gift (and Awaken) Your Children or Parents

My dear friend and supporter, Buryl the Awakening Heart, is now on hospice due to his heart condition and decision not to keep "reviving" his heart. Recently he asked that I send each one of his children and niece and nephew -- and their partners -- a set of my books with the beautiful letter below. I was deeply humbled and moved by gratitude for his foresight and generosity. (Often it's the adult children who are purchasing my books to help in their parents' final transitions.)

Dear Loved ones,

I have ordered two books sent direct to the six of you via media mail this week: The Last Adventure of Life and The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready?. These books have been very helpful to me as I experience the "process of dying". (Surprisingly, it has been enjoyable.) The books are written by Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund, a Hospice Counselor. Her fervent desire is to help people release their fears and awkwardness around death. (In the USA we don't talk much about death so as if "then" it won't happen.)

There may be a note in the books. "Happy Death Day". Some day you and your loved ones might find these books as useful as I did. ( Anyone can send a "Happy Birth Day" gift per AT Hill.)

Thanks for your understanding and nice comments on my experience.
Love and hugs, Buryl Hill

Thank you, Buryl of the Awakening Heart, for your wisdom, courage, and adventuresome spirit. I love and appreciate you so much! May you have an amazing, glorious adventure when the time comes. As the prophet Isaiah says, "You shall go out in joy, and be led forth in peace." (Isaiah 55:12)

Blessings of Deep and Abiding Hope, Dancing heart~~~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Most En-couraging Day... Connects with the Unity Consciousness being Celebrated

Today was a particularly lovely day. Perhaps I was tapping into the powerful "unity consciousness" convergence that was going on?

One of the first things I encountered when checking my email in the morning was an order of six sets of my books! This was from a beloved friend and client of mine who's now on hospice. His name is Bus (or Buryl) the "Awakening Heart," and he had the bright idea that he wants to gift his children and niece and nephew with my books. What a lovely, pro-active idea. I was so tickled and encouraged by his foresight and generosity! (And I'd just been thinking during my morning meditation that I desired to see my book sales increase, too.)

Then, I met with a group of Amega Global distributors and we shared ideas on internet marketing and how best to get the word out about these wonderful self-care products into the world. Blogging was one of the ideas, by the way ;)

I want to briefly mention just one of the tools that Amega has to offer: The mighty little "Am-wand" or "magic wand." It's shaped like and looks like a pen -- see picture above -- and was developed by Japanese, German, and Russian scientists after 21 years of R. & D. It resonates at the Zero Point frequency that was discovered by Einstein in 1914. It's known to provide any living being it comes in touch with, the energy that allows it to come back into its Perfect Now imprint. [I think of a newborn baby as resonating to the Zero Point energy... Maybe that's why most people are so attracted to babies and newborns?!?]

If you're interested in learning more about this holistic company that has much to offer through their quantum physics products, please contact me. I will help you find a Wanding Party that you can attend. That way, you'll be able to experience the products for yourself; this is the best introduction to these products and Amega that's taking the world by storm as part of the Self-Care Revolution that's sweeping the world right now.

I trust that you are feeling the positive "shifts" that are taking place, too. Life will no doubt become easier to maneuver as we honor the Oneness that we are all a part of.

Keep the faith! And stay beautiful (keep shining ;), as my spiritual director used to say, Dancing heart~~~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Would Anyone Want to Read My New Book?

A new friend and net-worker I've met at the local Starbucks challenged me to come up with ten reasons a person would benefit from reading my book. I came up with twelve!

Reading The Most Important Day in Your Life: Are You Ready? is likely to benefit you by --

1. Bringing more joy into your life.
2. Allowing you to live more fully in the present, letting go of the past and future.
3. Assisting you to go deeper spiritually.
4. Helping you become a better partner and friend.
5. Inspiring you to delve into the mystery and magic of life.
6. Helping you to become a better caregiver.
7. Challenging you to know "who you really are!"
8. Allowing you to move through life transitions with more grace and ease.
9. Helping you to help your parents and elders face the aging process.
10. Showing you some of the best kept secret treasures of hospice.
11. Allowing you to discover what comes after life.
12. Showing you how to prepare to "start the conversation" with someone you love.

As you can see, anyone could benefit from reading my new book! It's affordable ($11.95) and an easy read -- only about 100 pages -- and no difficult words; I promise ;)

I invite you to go to my website now and pick up a couple copies of my book: One for yourself, and one for a parent, child, or a friend. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone facing change; and who isn't facing some kind of change in our shifting world right now?!?

Love and deLight to all of you, Dancing heart~~~

P.S. If you are in a position to support my work financially at this time, I would very much appreciate your help. You could purchase some of my books, some Soul Baskets/Bundles, request some of my services, or you could simply donate funds at my website.