Monday, May 26, 2008

New Second Edition Coming Out!

Just two days ago, I received the very first copies of the New Second Edition of my book, THE LAST ADVENTURE OF LIFE: Sacred Resources for Living and Dying from a Hospice Counselor! Wow, how exciting. It was so thrilling to have this beautiful new book in my hands -- truly, a bit like giving birth to a new being! I felt awed, humbled, deeply grateful, and incredibly joyful and thrilled all at the same time. It is wonderful to know that the information I have compiled will be getting out to the world in this new and unique way.

Findhorn Press has done a terrific job: The book has a tighter look than the first edition, a little more subdued and expressive of the bittersweet aspect of death/grief that combines with life/love/joy to make up the whole. It does include some new material, including some pieces that I've gathered from friends and co-workers in the field of death, grief, and healing. I invite you to see this new work for yourself. You can go to my website ( or to for more info. Better yet, go to your local bookstore and order a copy :)

Many Blessings to you on this Memorial Day, Dancing Heart~~~

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Tragedy in Myanmar

The current situation in Myanmar is indeed a travesty. A military government is keeping people from the assist they need. A sad turn of events like this effects us all -- we all feel the grief of this unfortunate turn of events.

I encourage us all to keep Myanmar and its people regularly in our prayers. May we especially pray for the government leaders, that somehow they will see it in their hearts to open up the channels of communication with the rest of the world and receive the help they so desperately need. It heals the whole world when we are allowed to help one another, give and receive love.

Let me take this opportunity to share below the 10 tips for grieving that I outline in my book, The Last Adventure of Life. Many of us are grieving for a variety of reasons at this critical time on Earth. May we each learn to take care of ourselves and one another in new and deeper ways.

Ten Ways to Move Through Grief

1. Take one day at a time, doing one thing at a time.
2. It's good to let the tears flow. If you need to excuse yourself and find privacy, do so. Do not "stuff" your feelings.
3. Let go of the idea of "normalcy." When you're in grief, normal time goes out the window. Since it's a crazy time, strive to see the adventure and opportunities in it. See if you can enjoy doing things and "being" in new and creating ways.
4. Prepare yourself for other losses. Everything is undergoing a change in your life.
5. Ask for what you need. Remember to process your grief with friends, counselors, and whoever will listen.
6. Exercise as much as possible. It's good to keep the emotions and energy moving.
7. Sleep when you can or need to. You may become exhausted at time.
8. Don't forget to eat! Easily done, but your body and stamina will pay a price.
9. Reconnect with Spirit; and seek out new ways to develop your spirituality. Learn to meditate, for example! This could be one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself when you are going through a change of any kind.
10. Honor your memories and your intuition. By the way, meditating will strengthen your intuition.

In a couple of weeks, a 2nd edition of The Last Adventure of Life is coming out through Findhorn Press of Scotland! Thank you, in advance, for asking your local bookstore or library to review and possibly carry a copy.