Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Empty Nest -- Living through a Transition of My Own -- and Making a Friend at the Border

Wow, I'm now experiencing the throws of my own transition -- letting my daughter go, to attend college in Canada. This is big. I knew it would be big, but not exactly how big. I'm finding myself deeply grieving, sometimes when I least expect it. It's beem helpful to speak about what I'm going through with friends. Being and speaking with good friends who allow me to be who I am in the moment helps create comfort and hope in my being.

Speaking of which, I had amazing thing happen at the U.S.-Canadian border on my way home from dropping my daughter off: As I was leaving Vancouver, I asked Spirit that I would have a positive experience at the border. When I got in line to cross the border, I got a "hit" that I was in the right lane. I also did not have to wait very long. They were saying 25 minutes, but I believe I was only waiting for no more than 20 minutes. When I got to the gate, it was a younger woman inspector. There was a male guard standing with her, for some reason. She asked me where my residence was. Then she asked me about the purpose of my visit to Canada. When I told her that I had come up to "release my daughter to U.B.C.," she said that she had just let her daughter go to attend kindergarten for the first time.

Then I started to get really emotional and told her that I was just recently thinking nostalgically about the first day I put Heather on a school but to let her go to kindergarten! We had a lovely moment of recognition, and she quickly sent me on my way. Such a sweet experience, one woman to another, making friends at the borderline.

Hoping and praying that we are all finding friends and supporters along this journey of transitions, changes, and transformations, Dancing heart~~~

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