Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miracles in Japan

Today's a big day for me: I'm headed to Seattle to get as many belongings down here to Sedona as possible! It's cold now and I need my warm clothes and other sundries that I've been missing. I'm looking forward to a new adventure -- renting a truck, etc.!

Meanwhile, I've been in touch with my old classmates from our high school days at Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. We're getting ready for our first reunion since hi school (!); and there's been some interesting dialogue. Among other things, two stories about gracious "happeneings" in Hokkaido came up which I felt I wanted to share. Japan is truly, an amazing country. I pray for the people of Japan every day. May God/dess richly bless them in these challenging times for them!

Here are the stories, by Ken Masaki, I believe:

I too have two Japanese hospitality stories that have to do with Hokkaido. Tim Clark and I decided to bicycle around Hokkaido (~1200 mile) after our graduation. We took a ferry from Kyoto prefecture (Japan sea side) to Hokkaido but due to a snafu ended up 1 day behind schedule (after the trip I was leaving for the US). When the ferry got to Otaru we needed to cover 200 miles in 24 hrs (over mountainous terrain). Tim and I bicycled all day/night but were short of our destination (also very tired). A Japanese truck driver stopped, picked us up (sat in the flatbed) and drove us far enough so we made are scheduled youth hostel place. The driver never gave us a chance to thank him ... just drove off.

About half way thru our trip we were in a town (forgot where that was) near the Daisetsuzan mtn. Night was coming and it was cold. We were in the mountains with no place to spend the night. We decided to spend the night at the local train station. The train stationmaster told us we could not stay so instead took Tim and I to his home. By then it was dark. The family fed us and gave us the largest tatami room to sleep in. The rest of the family slept in together in a small room. The next morning, Tim and I knew they would never accept money from us so we left after thanking them profusely. But we asked around and got their address from a local shop. We mailed them
some money.

Thanks for these beautiful stories, Ken. And Rich Blessings to Everyone in these times of Great Intense Love flooding the Earth!~ May we learn that We Are One, and live in Peace Very Soon, Dancing heart~~~~