Monday, May 28, 2007

No Judgment; Only Love = Abundance for All

In Chapter 6 (on Reflection) of my book I write quite a bit on the importance of developing a non-judgmental attitude at the end of life. But why wait until our death-beds to "clean up" our lives? The Present Moment is what's important, so why not start letting go of as many judgments as possible right now?

Our country and the collective consciousness has become so stressful that even the bees don't want to live here any more... there's more than enough "drama" and stress being created these days. To counteract this, we can ask to have more joy and peace come to us. In my own experience, what's been most helpful is that I've asked and intended for more joy to come into my life. As soon as I asked for more Joy to come into my life, it started to come. And it continues to do so. Same with abundance. As peace and joy come back into my life, so does abundance.

One person who's helped me expand in this area is Bret Treadwell. He's taught me about "the jars" and the Autobiographical Feedback Language and more abundant ways to use and invest my dollars. If you're interested in learning more about his work and how to train your neuro-linguistic patterns to behave differently, I invite you to go to

Patricia Cota-Robles always ties Peace and Abundance together. I'm becoming a firm believer that as peace (both inner and outer) becomes a reality on the planet, so will abundance. One friend recently suggested that one day money will not even be needed because there will be plenty for all. This is true already; we just need to tune in to that reality.

Happy non-judgmental thinking to you! And may Peace and Abundance prevail in your life and in All Life Everywhere.

An affirmation for your use: My perfection is handling all imperfection perfectly :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Resting in the Love-Light Presence

You've probably heard of the book or movie that's causing a great sensation around the world today. It's called "The Secret," and it's about a Universal Law called the Law of Attraction. A couple of months ago I was watching an Oprah show in which some of the creators of "The Secret" were sharing their experiences. One of the guests said something that made a deep impression on me. They said that during a mystical experience they observed a beautiful Love-Light Presence encircling every human being! I invite you to imagine this for a moment -- a beautiful Love-Light Presence around every single human being on the planet. Wow! If we only could be aware of this Presence, each and every moment and day of our lives... Perhaps this is one of the blessings of meditation, where we can take the time each day, even 5 or 10 minutes, to rest in our own Love-Light Presence, to remember this Presence which nourishes and guides us every single day of our lives.

One of the movements in my healing these days is to move from my tendency to excessively "do" to more generously "be" in my life. This is why I'm spending more time on the beach, doing energy work, daydreaming, and yes, meditating, too. By my cultural standards I sometimes feel as though I'm "wasting my time." However, my inner knowing tells me otherwise: I'm actually doing what's most important in my life right now -- to cultivate and honor my Inner Presence and Being. This heightened awareness of Who I Am is strengthening and healing me. I'm tuning in to a power I was not aware of before -- a more subtle and energetic power that is mystical, but at the same time very real.

Are you connected to this power/presence in you? Do you ever take the time to rest in your Love-Light Presence? It's worth taking the time to do this, however you choose to do so. If you'd like to see a magnificent picture of this, I invite you to go to Go into the "I Am" Teachings section and look for "The Mighty I Am Presence." I guarantee that you'll have a new sense of who you really are.

Blessings of Peace and deLight; Peace is prevailing on Earth!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Radical Self Care

I heard the term "radical self care" while attending a healing class with my Hawaiian teacher recently. One of the participants was sharing what she's focusing on these days -- taking excellent care of herself! Wow, my ears perked up. Having come through a round-about healing journey myself, I commend anyone who is honoring themselves and placing their undivided attention on personal care. Most of us caregivers need to do more of this; it's really the most important thing we could be doing in these days of rapid change. Imagine a world in which everyone took very good care of themselves first: In body, mind, and spirit. What a peaceful and "whole" place the Earth could be, as we all cherished and honored ourselves first.

What is something you could do, today, or at the latest tomorrow, to take better care of yourself? Remember, you're the only one who really knows you and how best to take care of you. Whatever comes to mind, I en-courage you to take action on it, as soon as possible. You and your needs are the most important thing in the world; believe it, and know it. Some of the things I am doing these days -- as much as possible, every day -- to take care of me are: Walking the beach, or a beautiful place, spending some time writing or "being creative," cleaning and organizing my "stuff," and meditating or doing some kind of energy work first thing in the morning. It's also been helping to tone with (the chakras). I find that it helps me move into a "higher vibration" whenever I can do this. Sometimes I use a CD by Osho called Chakra Sounds Meditation which my teacher White Eagle (keeper of the Grandmother Drum) told me about. Blessings of Abundance and Peace to you as you move toward radical self care :)

Happy Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Music That Opens the Heart

In my search for deeper healing and wholeness, I have rediscovered the power of music. I have always loved music; my mother loved classical music, so I often heard it at home while growing up. Now, whenever I hear particular pieces by Bach, for instance, I am reminded of my mom and sometimes am even moved to tears. Music connects us to our Sacred Heart and therefore the honoring of the Oneness.

There's a particular musician from Ireland who's recently come to my attention. Her name is Denise Hagan; her new CD is called For Those Who Hear. For me, Denise's music is profound. It "awakens" and heals me on some level as I listen to it. The first night that I sat down and really payed attention to the lyrics and the whole experience of the music, I wept; my heart was pushed open. I believe this has to do with the spiritual alignment of Denise's pieces. The words and the music combine so powerfully to connect me to the Divine. If you're interested in hearing a touch of this magnificent music, I invite you to visit I would love to hear from you if you have heard any music that brings you this kind of joy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hospice Work/Play IS the Work/Play for Our Times!

The more I reflect and pay attention to my life and the world around me these days, the more I realize that what we need in our world could be called "hospice work." Most of us are carrying around more inner grief and "junk" with us than we are aware of at any given time. If not personal grief, there is the collective grief of wars faught, abuse and torture perpetrated -- the underbelly and shadow-side of life that is difficult to escape these days.

It is my personal experience that the more I become aware of my grief and express and release it, the more free and whole I become so as to be able to live more fully in the Present Moment. Not too long ago, I discovered a very deep grief-and-betrayal pattern in my life that had gradually shut down my heart. After this, I believe it became habitual for me to live and operate predominantly in my head -- and in judgment -- more of the time than I care to admit. Only as this reality came into my awareness have I been able to gradually release the pain and grief (and the old pattern) and begin to open up my heart (Love and Joy!) again. (No accident, I guess, that Spirit gave me the name "Dancing Heart" some years ago.)

Therefore, the next time you become aware of a grief, betrayal pattern, or old wound, I invite you to not push it away. Rather, be curious. Invite it in, befriend it, and see what wisdom it might have to share with you. It could be the catalyst to re-open your heart. As we know, the heart, especially the Sacred Heart that connects us to the Oneness of All, is full of grace and wisdom; it is also the Seat of Love.

I've been reading a powerful book by Ken and Treya Wilber called Grace and Grit. In this moving work, Ken's beloved Treya tells about one of their spiritual teachers Da Free John, who encourages people to "practice the wound of love." The point is that the ego tends to want to avoid relationship. It reacts and contracts away from relationship, defending itself against what it sees as insults or hurts. If we can stop reacting, rejecting, and punishing others, we would be much better off. We must continue to love and keep from dramatizing a situation as betrayal, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and "suffering ourselves to be wounded" (forgive!). This reminds me of the song sung by Mary Black, written by Steve Cooney, that I've included in my book at the end of Chapter 6 (Reflect), called "Bless the Road". It's a haunting, moving song that could uplift anyone who's dying or "leaving" a relationship or place; but it's actually one of the most generous-hearted (parting) love songs I've ever heard. Another popular song along these lines that I've been hearing on the radio is "The Heart of the Matter", sung by India.Arie (originally Don Henley): "I think it's about forgiveness, forgiveness... Even if, even if you don't love me anymore."

[By the way, I learned today that Dr. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics (see entry below) has just released his first book called Matrix Energetics, which promptly sold out on Amazon!]

Happy May, dancing heart