Monday, July 27, 2015

An Amazing Synchronicity that Took Place on the Road to Lake Abiquiu - Later Sedona, Arizona

I had quite an interesting journey back to Sedona earlier this month: 

I got into the driver's seat of a U-Haul cargo van to travel back to Sedona and collect the last of my belongings there a couple of weeks ago. After I got out of the city and up into the mountains, I stopped at a lovely mountain town to "refuel" myself. Then, another 90 minutes down the road, the 2-way highway came to a complete hault! It turns out there had been an accident up ahead. After getting out of the van to connect with some people in front of me, I then sauntered toward the car behind me. The driver was a woman with young children.

We greeted each other. I noticed that she had a skull and bones tattoo on one of her arms. I mentioned to her that I do end-of-life and holistic work. She soon began to share her current story which had to do with the fact that her grandmother had recently taken a fall - or some kind of accident - and had had to be in the hospital. Then she had moved to a rehabilitation facility, but the fact was that she was not going to be going home again. She was probably needing to move to an assisted living facility. This young woman was aware that her grandmother, on some level, was moving into her dying process. She was aware enough that she wanted to be talking about this as a family. However, she was not sure if her mother and other family members were up to it.

I let her know about my website,, and encouraged her to look me up and at least purchase my books. Who knows how I could be of support to her and her family at this time?!? These are the exact kinds of situations that I can assist in. If you know of someone, or a family in this kind of situation, please let them know about my work.

In closing, let me share an interesting quote I came across this past weekend, by Alan Watts: We live in a culture where it has been rubbed into us in every conceivable way that to die is a terrible thing. And that is a tremendous disease from which our culture in particular suffers.”

And once upon a time, Plato is said to have said, "Death is the greatest of all human Blessings"!!!

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